Super Tobu Adventures!! - Day 05 - Melee Combat

Day 05 - Melee Combat

Melee is finally in now! Not pretty, I know, but the mechanics are in place. I’ll be added more melee weapons to give different play feel, the same as for ranged. Right now, each character has a hit counter that will affect animations later (think the attack sequences from 16-bit arcade beat-em ups) they also have damage multipliers etc. Also Uka is MUCH stronger and faster than Tobu at melee ;)

  • Fists - bare knuckle brawling, combo chains, etc
  • Katana - think Leonardo from TMNT
  • Sai’s - can be used to disarm melee enemies that carry weapons
  • Nunchaku - can be used to deflect enemy projectiles
  • Bo-Staff - slow but long range, hits are weak but it hits a wide area
  • Whip - slowest with longest range, narrow hit area but high damage
  • ??? - suggestions? Lol 7 weapons are ideal due to narrative themes!

Also in now are jump/fall-through platforms. I’d been meaning to get them in for a while and just kept putting it off, but no longer! Also, they react to your weight, even if just in a really simplified way… I’d like to expand on that later as the environments become more sophisticated!! At any rate, just gotta keep pushing forward!

Also, if you happen to feel so compelled, please consider becoming a Patreon supporter! Every little bit helps buy the time the game needs to keep progressing!!!








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Jul 03, 2019

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