Super Tobu Adventures!! - Day 04 - Ranged Combat

Day 04 - Ranged Combat

  Took a little longer to get this done than I wanted, and it’s still not perfect (there are a couple small glitches in there…) but overall it’s working well and feels good to play! Tobu and Uka are different people and thus have different skills. Where Tobu rocks at ranged combat, Uka will be much better at melee, thus Tobu being able to aim in 8 directions (Contra style!) but Uka only in 4 (no diagonals!). Also, due to Uka being not as skilled at ranged combat, she only does half the damage Tobu does, while it’ll be the reverse for melee.

  Currently, there are 7 different weapon types:
 - Shuriken - basic shot that can bounce off of walls and be deflected around corners (still a bit glitchy)
- Kunai Knives - does more damage than the shuriken, goes through obstacles it can destroy, and sticks in the wall to become a temporary platform (there will be surfaces you can’t wall grab)
- Darts - a fast weapon, this does chip damage but will also inflict status effects like stun and poison
- Sticky Bomb - 3 second grenade that sticks to the first surface it touches or explodes on enemy contact
- Bounce Bomb - 3 second grenade that bounces around obeying gravity or explodes on enemy contact
- Boomerang Sickle - a short range sickle that arcs back to you once thrown, it can travel through walls and retrieve collectable items for you
- Energy Fan - emits an energy wave that travels through wall, does chip damage, and pushes enemies/obstacles backwards

  The intention is for all weapons to be upgradeable, like the amount of bounces a shuriken can do before getting stuck, or how many kunai knives you can throw at once, etc. I might possibly include bullet patterns as well, but we’ll see… either way, there’s still work to be done there, but all in all, the core mechanics for ranged combat are in! Next up will be Uka’s speciality, Melee!!

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Jun 19, 2019

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