Super Tobu Adventures!! - Day 03 - Playable Characters

Day 03 - Playable Characters

Lots of updates today!! Gamepad support! Refined platforming metrics! The hover ability! Oh, and the second main character :) Ukabu (Uka for short) is Tobu’s sister and she’s fast and light on her feet. She can wall grab like Tobu, but because she’s lighter, she doesn’t slide down the wall the way he does. She can also jump higher and hover in mid-air. Only Tobu can double jump however. Other than that, she can do everything he can!

As it is now, the second character (whichever character you’re NOT playing as) follows you around. I don’t intend on the follow character doing anything in terms of gameplay aside from being next to you, as I want to save co-op for eventual local multiplayer. It’s always bothered me in games with multiple playable characters in that supposedly they’re right there next to you to switch with, but you never see them… I’m looking at YOU Castlevania III… At any rate, if the follow character gets too far away, they’ll teleport to you, kinda like how Tails would fly to Sonic’s location. I tried a few different following systems to avoid the teleport, but none of them were great, and really, teleporting isn’t a terrible solution.

As for gamepad support, so far the button layout is pre-set but I’ll add in customizable controls later on. The game supports any Xinput controllers such as the Xbox PC controller or the Logitech F310. Keyboard and Gamepad are interchangeable from the outset, but I’ll end up make it more strict once it comes time for local multiplayer.

And with all that, that’s the core platforming engine in place… next up, COMBAT!!


Also, if you happen to feel so compelled, please consider becoming a Patreon supporter! Every little bit helps buy the time the game needs to keep progressing!!!








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Jun 05, 2019

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