Super Tobu Adventures!! - Day 02 - Advanced Platforming Mechanics

Day 02 - Advanced Platforming Mechanics

I spent the day today making the original movement stuff a little more optimized and efficient... As well as working on getting the Wall Jump, and Dash mechanics in.  Its interesting how simple the idea of giving a character a handful of platforming abilities is compared to actually making them work seamlessly together and without bugs!! There always winds up being a lot of gates checks to do before allowing the player to perform an ability, like can the player dash endlessly in the air the way they can on the ground? Can they dash off the wall during a wall grab? etc... So there was definitely some tinkering and revising to some of the original plans to make things feel good and work well together. I'm considering putting fall through platforms in (you know, the kind where you can jump up through them, stand on them, and the crouch and press jump to drop down again)... but at this point... the character can do a nice amount of things that I don't really feel like those are necessary. Maybe I'll feel different in the future, maybe not... Either way, platforming should be finished soon, only two more mechanics to go as far as that side of gameplay is concerned... Hover (like Peach in SMB2) and Dodge Roll (the dash will leave the player highly vulnerable if they take damage during a dash, whereas a dodge roll is much slower, but let's you evade damage).

Mechanics in so far:
- horizontal movement ( walking/running )
- jumping
- double jumping
- falling
- non-slope, slope, and moving platform collision
- wall slide/grab
- wall jump
- ground/air dash

Mechanics to add:
- hover (for the other playable character)
- dodge rolling

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May 31, 2019

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