Super Tobu Adventures!! - Day 01 - Basic Mechanics

Day 01 -  Basic Mechanics

Today was about putting some placeholder visuals in, and getting basic movement and collisions working.  I decided to use a sensor system to handle collisions ( the little green boxes ).  It's something akin to how Sonic the Hedgehog was done.  The main reason I chose this approach is so that its easier to do things like:
- edge detection for animation purposes.  ( like how Sonic teeters for balance when standing next to the end of a platform )
- it could also be used for a ledge grab mechanic ala Metroid: Zero Mission
- it could also detect small paths at ground level and allow the player to auto crouch as they move through tunnels and whatnot.

Mechanics in so far:
- horizontal movement ( walking/running )
- jumping
- double jumping
- falling
- non-slope collision

So far so good as far as the testing I've done goes, but there's definitely more to be done with the platforming mechanics. Items remaining are:
- dashing ( double tap left or right )
- dodge roll ( double tap left or right while "blocking" )
- wall slide ( hold left or right while against a left or right wall )
- wall jump ( jump while wall sliding )
- slope collision ( sensors just need to be told how to climb/descend slopes smoothly, otherwise they already kinda work )
- fall-through platforms ( crouch and jump to drop down through appropriate platforms )

Stoked for Day 02!!


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May 26, 2019

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